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Websites Jon Likes

This is my page of links that I've found useful in enriching my knowledge from the CAD world, to just personal enrichment.  Feel free to take a look.

When I created this page, I realized that there are many more sites I've certainly left off.  I plan on adding more as I find them, (and yes, that means remember them).  So apologies in advance to those I've left off!  I plan on correcting that as much as I can!  

Look for more to be added in the future.

Things that make design go ZOOM!

3DConnexion Website

The Manufacturer of 3D Mice that let you manipulate navigate your 3D models using your "non-mouse" hand instead of hotkeys or icons.  I've used one for years, and currently have a SpacePilot Pro that I love.

It's beaautifulllll!
Sure I don't need one to run my 3D programs, but when I don't have it, I feel like I showed up to a formal dinner in jeans and a t-shirt.


Get your information straight from the source.  Find your updates, technical solutions, and training documents here.

The Autodesk Bloggers

A list of all the Autodesk Bloggers.  Name it, and it's there.  I'm particularly a fan of the blogs written by Steve Bedder (Manufacturing), the Inventor Support Team, Scott Sheppard (Autodesk Labs), and Shaan Hurley (all things Autodesk).  Not to mention the Cracking the Vault and Under the Hood data management blogs.  But check out all the blogs!

There's much to see and learn here!

Autodesk Education Community

 The place for students to get free software, training, support, and exposure to the design and engineering world.  If you're a student entering the world of designing "stuff".  This is a must visit site!

Autodesk Forums

A great link to communicate with others in the Autodesk Community, whatever product you're using.  Check out the IdeaStation to give input on how you can make the Autodesk Products better!

Autodesk Manufacturing and Digital Prototyping Solutions

Looking for more tips & tricks, news, and updates on all things manufacturing in the Autodesk Manufacturing world?  Take a look at this site for all sorts of good information!

Autodesk User Group International (AUGI)

Officially recognized by Autodesk as representing the Autodesk user community, AUGI provides has a great discussion board for discussing anything related to Autodesk products from a wide range of industries.  Note that a membership is required.

Cadline Community 

A great website with tutorials, news, and case studies on all kinds of industries and CAD products.  A wealth of great information!

Design and Motion

This site has news on technology, helpful tips on using Autodesk products, AND some great tips on designing in general.  If you're interested in any of those, this is a site worth going to!

Engineers Edge

I think if I looked long enough, I could find the designs for Tony Stark's arc reactor on this site.  You'll find all sorts of valuable engineering information on this site from gear design, to electrical design, and everything in between

Engineer vs Designer

Engineering podcasts with a sense of humor.  Check this out for interviews and discussions on design technology.

Free content from Charlie Bliss 

One of the oldest sources I know for finding free content for Autodesk Inventor.  Even though it's been around a while, there's still some great info to be found here!

From the Trenches with Autodesk Inventor

Great Inventor Blog from Curtis Waguespack. Great place to learn some slick tricks using customization via iLogic.


This page requires a login.  A great file sharing community for all manner of CAD files.  A variety of user created files for a variety of different applications and CAD products.  A resource well worth checking out.

Infinite Skills

Infinite skills provides training videos for a variety of different software products.  They're comprehensive, easy to use, and easy to review.  Something certainly worth considering for those looking to improve their proficiency!

Marion Landry's YouTube Channel

Marion has a great channel showing tips on Autodesk Showcase and Autodesk 3dsMax.  If you're looking for more information on using these products to their fullest, this page should be in your bookmarks.


Although this page has a pay option, the free portion is pretty extensive and useful.  If you want the engineering properties for just about any material ever created.  You'll find it here. m

Quickparts Learning Center

Great little resource for subjects regarding rapid prototyping such as shore scale, and tolerances for different rapid prototyping processes

The CAD SetterOut

With a focus on woodworking.  Paul Munford's site is a great resource for Inventor tips, and those AutoCAD tips that I've managed to forget over the years.  Be sure to check out his 101 Productivity Tips

Wicked Kung Fu Drafter 

CAD Centric, Geek Peripheral.  Get your shot of CAD news & updates, with a chaser of geeky goodness here.

Bombastic and Bimtastic (Building Information Modeling) 

Jay Zallan’s blog is a wealth of information on Building Information Modeling (BIM), Autodesk Revit, not to mention the interesting happenings of technology evolving in an architectural world. He’s one of my “go to guys” for BIM and architectural related news.

Another one of the “Knight’s of the BIM Round Table”.  Steve Bennett brings years of experience with BIM to the table.  If you’re planning on doing something in BIM, there’s a good chance Steve’s already done it!

Websites for Other Cool Things


An amazing resource for drawings, manuals, and technical publications for 1930s and 1940s technology.  It's a pay site, but if your into vintage aircraft, or vintage technical publications, this resource is well worth the price!

Mammoth Mountain

My winter retreat where I unplug for a while for a few snowboarding vacations during the colder months.  You may find that I miss a blog post or two while I’m up enjoying the cold, fresh, mountain air. 

White Christmas in 2010
Lazze Metal Shaping

This is an incredible YouTube channel where you can see all manner of sheet metal forming in action. It focuses on hand working, using sheet metal brakes, English Wheels, stretchers, and shrinkers. There's a lot to be learned by watching these videos!

If you read my profile bio, I like Warbirds…. A lot…   Like in the, “If I have to explain it, you wouldn’t understand” way.  I can tell you how to tell the difference between an F4U-5 Corsair, and an F4U-5N Corsair. (The N is a night fighter). 

Planes of Fame is the non-profit organization where I volunteer and do my small part to keep the history of airplanes like these, and the stories of those that flew them, alive for future generations.  

Some rare aircraft in this picture

The Rebicyclist

This is just cool.  Just one guy in Oregon making belts and art out of old bike parts.  I have one of his belts made out of an old bike tire.  It's cool, it's useful, and it's one less thing in a landfill!

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