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Friday, October 30, 2009

Tricks of the Trade, a Tip on Orbiting in Inventor

“One only needs two tools in life: WD-40 to make things go, and duct tape to make them stop.” G. Weilacher

With only about an hour before 'All Hallows Eve', here's one little trick that Rick Renda of KETIV shared today. Consider it an early 'Trick that's also a Treat'.

If you want to perform an orbit function in Inventor, there's always the icon for it, which most of us all know.

(click to enlarge)

What isn't as well known, is that the 'F4' key can also perform the orbit function as well. But even then, this is fairly well known.

The trick that Rick shared, was that you can hold down your 'Shift' key while holding down the middle mouse button, and also access the orbit function!

We'll I'll be darned! I never knew that one!

Thanks Rick!

And Happy Halloween!

It's just a flesh wound!
(click to enlarge)


  1. That Skeleton model looks really neat! Did you make it just for fun or for a specific project? And is it available anywhere online?

    1. Brad, I downloaded it,and now can't find the link. :( I did see a few skeleton models on GrabCAD. That might be a place to look if you're in the market.