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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Setting the Highlights - Controlling Selection Highlights in Autodesk Inventor

“For me, the proof of the pudding is always at the end of the season and how good the signings are will be highlighted then.”
Steve McClaren

I ran into one of those 'random' things today.

You may have seen it, one of those settings that you stumble upon while looking for something else and think "So that's where that is set!"

The little setting I ran across was "Enable Advanced Highlighting".  It's located in Applications Options, on the "Colors" tab.

The "Enable Advanced Highlighting" option
What does this setting do? When you select component, it controls how your selection highlight appears.

If you uncheck the option, the selection highlight will look like the image below:

Selected component with "Enable Advanced Highlight" option unchecked

If you check "Enable Advanced Highlighting":

Now the "Enabled Advanced Highlighting" option is checked
The selection highlighting now changes to this:

The preview now that the "Enable Advanced Highlighting" option is checked
 So which should you use?  That's up to you.  Inventor will function the same whichever option you choose.  It's all about what you prefer.

Personally, now that I've located the setting, I'll be enabling the advanced highlighting from now on!

Happy Inventing.


  1. "Enable Advanced Highlighting"...I have not found a way to change the intensity or color of this. And most times it just obscures visibility of the parts you are trying to see. I wish Autodesk would take a closer look at what SolidWorks is doing with its interface. It is much easier to use.

    1. Have you gobe to the Inventor Idea Station and given input? Autodesk looks for suggestions for improvements & enhancements on that site.

    2. yep, been there. Thanks.