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Tips for Short Attention Spans

This page is a collection of various helpful tips I've collected during my travels.  While not always flashy, they are solid little tips that make the day to day grind go by a little easier.

It's designed for somebody to browse through and "cherry pick" the ones they like.  So take a few minutes and take a look!

Where applicable, I've also added links to more "in depth" descriptions.  So if you want more info, there's more to be found!


Jon Landeros

Autodesk Inventor Part Modeling

  •  Is a part too large to e-mail?  Dragging the End of Part marker to the top of the tree will reduce its file size.  (Added 23-Nov-2011)
End of Part marker at top of tree.

  • When entering dimensions, typing "Parameter_Name = X.XXX" will create the dimension, and name the parameter.
Renaming a parameter
  •  An offset workplane and sketch can be created at the same time.  Just start a sketch, then click and drag from the desired face.
Offset workplane & sketch in progress

  • If you're picking several objects, CTRL+Left Click can deselect the object without exiting the command.
Using CTRL+Left click to deselect a fillet edge
  • Use "Offset" to create four hole patterns that are easy to create and adjust
Offset used to locate four, evenly spaced holes
  • The tables for threaded and clearance holes are editable.  Values can be changed and new sets of holes can be added. Paul Munford has a great set of instructions in his article posted here!

  • Inventor sheet metal comes with a default K-Factor (bend allowance) for unfolding sheet metal, but how do you calculate your own K-Factor?  Check out this article from Design and Motion here!
 Autodesk Inventor Assembly Modeling

  •  When mating narrow faces, use the Flush constraint to select the faces, then switch to mate to finish the constraint.  Hint: The picks are easier! (Added 23-Nov-2011)

Using the Flush constraint to select the faces
  • Use Assembly Level folders to help organize components in your assembly browser 
Assembly folder used to organize hardware

  • If you want to see all your constraints in one place in your browser, switch from "Assembly View" to "Model View"

Toggling between Assembly View & Model View 

Autodesk Inventor Drawings

  • If you want to place a section view while simultaneously breaking its alignment, hold down the control key. Added 23- Nov-2011 (Thanks Johan of Design by Inventor)
Breaking the Alignment with the CTRL key

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