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Monday, September 08, 2008

Inventor CAM - The next Adventure!

Part of my new tech journey is venturing into the world of CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing).

Hence, here I sit with InventorCAM on my system. Working with programming CNC machines using InventorCAM.

I'm still pretty early in the process, so think of this as the 'preview for the movie', but so far I'm pretty excited.

Look for a few more blogs in this regard as I travel further into a whole new world!


  1. Richard6:41 AM

    Have you been having any problems with InventorCAM 2010?
    It often crashes when im using it in simulation mode :-(
    I have the latest graphic drivers, high spec Dell Precision T5500 machine..any ideas?

  2. Richard,

    You could try an older driver. I have run across issues where newer wasn't always better.

    The only other things that come to mind is making sure you're up to date on your service packs for all or your products.

    You can also try InventorCAM support here:,2708.html

    Sorry I couldn't be more help.