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Monday, November 29, 2010

Keep Your Finger on the Trigger - iLogic and Event Triggers

“Next in importance to having a good aim is to recognize when to pull the trigger.”
David Letterman

Just a short post for today.  I spent the holiday snowboarding in Mammoth, so I only had limited internet access for a few days.  But for views like this, I'll give up a bit of web access.

And the time off was great!

The view from town is pretty nice.

Who wouldn't want to have a morning like this.

For today, I wanted to expand upon last week's post and talk about Event Triggers in iLogic.  In that post, I talked about creating a rule to choose my sheet size, border, and title block by choosing them from a dialog box created in iLogic.

This rule could be fired by clicking the iTrigger icon on the 'Manage' Tab in the drawing.

The dialog box created in iLogic

But what if you want a rule to fire automatically, under a specific condition? 

That's where an Event Trigger can come into play. 

By clicking on the Event Trigger icon, you can specify the condition under which a rule fires without you explicitly asking it to. 

1) Click Event Trigger from the 'Manage Tab'.

Access the Event Trigger
 2) Right click to edit an event.

Right click to add or remove the rules attached to an event
 3) Choose the rule (or rules to attach to the desired event)

Edit your rule
One you do that, you can now fire the rule when you want it to.  For example, when I start this file from a template, the option to choose my sheet size, border, and template fires up automatically!

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