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Friday, August 31, 2012

Blurred Reflections in Autodesk Showcase (via Autodesk)

“Sometimes in our confusion, we see not the world as it is, but the world though eyes blurred by the mind.”

As we head into a long weekend here in the states.  I found a cool video produced Marion Laundry at Autodesk. 

Why do I like this video so much?  Marion showed a great tip that I hadn't taken advantage of yet! (Hint: Never stop learning!)

How to blur reflections!  I've always thought that if a rendering looks "too perfect", it gives it away as being a computer generated image.

It's a fact of life, nothing is perfect.

Take a look at this Lockheed P-38 Lightning owned by Allied Fighters in California.  It's got a pretty shiny paint job.  Not fully polished, but pretty shiny.

The Allied Fighters P-38 Lightning "Honey Bunny"
Notice how the reflections are blurred however?  It's not a mirror finish. 

Marion's Video gives a great tip on how to create blurred reflections.  So instead of talking about it, check out the video below! 

One last note!  While it should be obvious right away, I DID NOT CREATE THIS VIDEO!  This is created by Marion Landry at Autodesk, and all credit belongs to her!  Take a look at her channel here and check out more of her videos!

And just for the fun of it, here's a video of Honey Bunny in flight at the Living History Event at Planes of Fame Air Museum.  With a unique camera perspective too!


  1. Thanks for the P-38 video Jonathan -
    Easily, one of the most beautiful aircraft, let alone, war bird designs, that ever flew. Nice to see this beauty well taken care of.

    cheers - JD

    1. JD,

      I have to agree the P-38 is an elegant airplane. Honey Bunny is a beautiful example! :-)