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Thursday, February 21, 2013

From 2D Picture to 3D Model. Ready, Set, 123D Catch!

“It's funny what a picture can do.”
Ira Hayes 

Technology marches on at an alarming rate sometimes, as a matter of fact, probably faster and faster every day.

I remember when looking up directions meant using a paper map.  I recall when "dropping a dime" actually meant dropping a dime into a coin slot on a pay phone, and when sending mail required the use of pen and paper. 

Now, just today, I simultaneously setup software on computers in Dallas and Pennsylvania without leaving my chair in Southern California.  After completing that, I used my phone to get directions (with live traffic updates), and drove home while simultaneously chatting with a friend in Arizona.

Times have changed.... And I do find myself wondering what technology the kids of today will see unfold in their lifetime.

Tonight I stumbled onto a video of what a student is doing with the Autodesk Technology 123D Catch.   

All I can said is: "Wow". 

If you don't know what 123D Catch is, it's a technology that lets someone take multiple pictures of an object, and stitch it into a 3D model that can be used for creating concepts, presentations, and event 3D printed models. 

But I'll leave it to the video to describe.   The student creating the models, Ehsan Noursalehi, shows how much an imagination person can do with new technology. I especially like how he uses Mudbox and 3dsMax to make the most of the scanned object!

It surely inspires me!  I hope it inspires all of us! 

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