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Sunday, June 02, 2013

Controlling Orientation of a Placed Component in Autodesk Inventor 2014

Future orientation is combined with a notion and expectation of progress, and nothing is impossible.
Alan Dundes

There are times when a component is placed in Autodesk Inventor, it doesn't take the orientation I want it to. It lays on it's side, back, etc.  Every way but the way I want it. 

Inventor can work with this just fine, but ultimately, I like my components sitting in a "natural" state.

Usually, I'll just unground the component, and assembly it to origin planes.  It took little time, and got what I wanted.

But now, 2014 has added a new option, the ability to reorient a component during placement.

  • Let's start with an assembly, where I'm placing a metal container with the Place Component command.  Notice that the container is laying on it's back.  I want it placed on it's bottom, like it would be hanging on a wall. 
    • It's important to note in the image below, that I'm still looking at the preview.  I haven't placed the component by left clicking yet.

The initial preview of the component placement.
  • Now, with the preview on screen, I right click to see the rotation options.  There are options to rotate around the X, Y, and Z axis in 90 degree increments.

Right clicking to see the rotation options.

  • In this example, I've rotated round the X-Axis once, and Y-Axis three times.  (It's a little like a combo on a game console!)

The corrected orientation

  • Finally, the component can be placed by left clicking or by right clicking and choosing Place Grounded at Origin

Placing at Origin
  • And that's all there is to it!  The component is placed and ground, all in the orientation I want!

The component placed!

And below, here's the video portion of the post!  I hope you find it helpful!


  1. Anonymous10:47 AM

    now how do you do this with derive?????

    1. I'm not sure I understand, are you talking about when using the derive component? If so, I don't believe it's available at this point in time.

    2. Check This Out! ;)

  2. Anonymous6:46 AM

    Thank you for the helpful post. Just a followup question, how do you make the change in the part orientation permenent? Next time I insert the part in another assembly the part orientation is preserved.

  3. Thank you for the tip, it helped me.

  4. Using now Inventor 2021 and I don't see this useful feature anymore. Is there a way to reactivate it?

    1. As far as I know it hasn't changed in 2021. Unfortunately my current employer moved us off of Inventor so I haven't used 2021 myself (I miss Inventor).

      That being said, if the feature is off, you might check Application Options to see if it can be turned back on. I would start on the assembly tab.