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Friday, July 31, 2009

Hotfix for Autodesk Design Review and PDF Printing

Home computers are being called upon to perform many new functions, including the consumption of homework formerly eaten by the dog.
Doug Larson

Something I guess you might consider from the "Public Service Announcement' desk.

The other day at KETIV, I was asked about an issue where pdfs printed from DWF files in Autodesk Design Review were taking a much longer to print out than in previous versions.

A quick check of the Autodesk website showed that there's a hotfix for this,so it should be an easy fix.

So if you're seeing this issue out of Design Review 2010, just grab the hotfix HERE, and you should be on your way with faster PDF creation!

Have a great weekend everyone! I'm off to my volunteer gig at the Planes of Fame again, so that alone is going to make it a great weekend!


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