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Sunday, September 19, 2010

It's Automagic! The Drawing Resource Transfer Wizard

“He's got tools. Something to see.”
 Sid Monge

Necessity is often the mother of invention, and last week proved no different.

I was creating a large number of drawings for someone, and we were faced with something that, while easy, can be exceedingly tedious.

We needed to update title blocks in several drawings.  There were only about ten or twelve, but copying and pasting each one can be time consuming.

So instead, I used a tool to help automate the process; the Drawing Resource Transfer Wizard.  It can be found from Windows Start>All Programs>Autodesk>Autodesk Inventor (version)>Tools

The Drawing Resource Transfer Wizard

So how does it work?  Let's roll some footage and take a look!

This tool really helped me transfer the title blocks quickly, without having to do a bunch of copying and pasting from drawing to drawing. 

One thing to watch out for.   While the Drawing Resource Transfer Wizard will try to match up all the properties in the new resources, but it may not be able to do it in every case.  In other words, it pays to double check when everything is done.

In my case, I had to open the drawings to create final prints, so I checked the title blocks along with he dimensions, views, text, etc. that I had to check anyway.

In the end, this tool saved me the trouble of having to do a lot of tedious work, and let me focus on more important (and fun) things.

Happy Inventing!

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