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Monday, September 06, 2010

Obeying the Rules - Enforcing Length using iLogic

“Hopefully my experience can help a little bit. I'm just a small piece of the puzzle.”

 Ed Jovanovski

One simple, but effective case I've see for iLogic is to prevent someone from inadvertently call out a length longer than what can be purchased, or manufactured by the tooling in the shop.  If caught too late, the ramifications of calling out the 'unobtainable' length can cause a lot of rework as the design is corrected.

Fortunately, a few lines of code in iLogic can help with that.

In this video, I describe how iLogic can be used to limit the length of a sample extrusion to 60 inches or less.

There's tons of things that can be done with iLogic.  This is just a small example.  I hope to post more as I go!

P.S. Here is the code that I used to create the rule.  My comments are below each line of code

iLogicVb.UpdateWhenDone = True
'updates part after rule finishes running

If Length > 60 in Then
'The if statement telling iLogic that something is to be done if the parameter 'Length' is longer than 60in

MessageBox.Show("Length cannot be longer than 5ft", "Design Violation")
'Displays a message box stating that the length can't be longer than 5ft

Length = 60 in
'Resets the length back to 60 inches

End If
 'Ends the if statement.

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