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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Numbers Don't Lie - Creating a Numbering Scheme in Autodesk Vault

“The numbers speak for themselves. That's a good score.”
Howard Rubenstein

Creating a part number scheme can be quite a challenge.  Getting everyone to follow it can be an even bigger problem.

Getting everyone to reference the book of numbers, trying to get everyone to renumber parts, can be quite a challenge.  

And it's not always the fault of the users.  End users are human, they forget, they feel pressure and skip it because their efforts are needed elsewhere..

So how can we help automate that step?

Autodesk Vault Workgroup, Autodesk Vault Collaboration, and Autodesk Vault Professional all have the ability to create file naming schemes.

These schemes will prompt you to name a file on the initial save.  By eliminating that need to stop what your doing and look up the next available block of numbers from a book, or Excel spread sheet,, this function makes it much easier to keep a unified numbering scheme.

On top of that, it knows when a number has been issued, so all but eliminates the possibility of two users grabbing the same part number!

File naming scheme prompting on save

So how do you do it.  I've got a video for that, but first, a couple of things to be aware of.
  1. You have to be logged in as an administrator to make these changes.  This isn't available to just anyone!
  2. Once you save a file with a naming scheme, that numbering scheme is in use.  You can't delete it, or change it.  You can only disable it.  So it's definitely worth it to take the time and make sure you haven't missed anything before you make it live!
But aside from that, this can be a great tool for helping stick to a part numbering scheme!


  1. i'm using autodesk Vault collaboration 2012 and Inventor 2012.
    I've problem to use the numbering scheme
    1. how to connecting ipart or iassembly member to numbering scheme.
    2. our numbering scheme format use Nurmeric method, xxxx-xx-xxxxxx where xxxx(division number), xx(category), xxxxxx ( sequential number). my question how to show category description in the numbering scheme form ?
    Thanks and regard

    akhid rosyidi

    1. Akhid,

      I can't think of a way that an iPart or iAssembly can be forced to a specific numbering scheme that's separate from the rest of the *.ipt files and *.iam files. It's going to based on rules and categories for *.iams and *.ipts.

      Also, I don't hink you can get the Category to show as part of the numbering scheme itself.

      It might be possible by going into the API, but I'm afraid that's not something I'm familiar with.

    2. thanks for your respond,
      This new challenge for me, which has made me sleepless :)

      temporary, I can create manually from vault. rename and connecting with numbering scheme.
      but, I think this is a bad way..

    3. As I recall, if set up correctly (it's been a while since I've configured a numbering scheme) the number scheme should be able to be applied upon a rename. However, it can also be applied when the parts are saved for the first time (this I know for certain).

      Make sure you have your updates applied (

      There are also some good additional resources on the Autodesk Wikihelp site too:

  2. Anonymous2:01 AM

    Hi There,

    I'm thinking of using this feature:
    We use the the 'Place iLogic Component' feature alot to place adaptive furniture assemblies. If this feature was active, would we be presented with a scheme dialog box for every part within the assembly?

    Thanks for the video! :)


    1. If the part is brand new, then the numbering scheme should act on it. If it's reused, then it should not.