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Monday, January 20, 2014

Using Raster Views in an Autodesk Inventor Drawing

“There's no sense in being precise when you don't even know what you're talking about.”
John von Neumann

One of the new functions in Autodesk Inventor 2014 is creating a drawing view as a raster view, and allowing the user to make it precise at the time of their choosing.

For starters, what's the point of starting a view as a raster image, then making it precise later.

Simply put, it lets the user to defer the full calculation of drawing views until later.  Imagine this on a large drawing view with a lot of calculations involved.  Now extend that across multiple projected views.  It can take quite a while!

Placing the views as raster views lets the user quickly place the views initially, then choose which views to make precise when needed.  The "hit" on calculation can be spread out over time.  Make one view precise, and work on it?  Going to a meeting?  Calculate another view while you're gone!  Going to lunch?  Make another view precise, and so on! 

So that's the purpose of it!  Now, how does it work.

When creating a base view on a drawing sheet, there's a check box to Raster Views Only.  With this check box selected, the views will be placed quickly.

Checking the Raster Views Only checkbox

Aside from selecting that check box, placing views is the same.  Once the views are placed, there will be green brackets around the views that are being represented as raster views.

Green brackets indicate these are raster views
At some point, however, it will become necessary to make the views precise.  To do that, right click on the view, and choose Make View Precise.

Calculating the views into precise views.

The green brackets will disappear, and the view is now precise.

One view is precise now.  The others can be calculated later, when needed.
Other views can be made precise later, when they're needed.  The views don't have to be calculated at once!

And for a video description of the steps!  Take a look below! 

And for even more information on this tool, take a look at the Autodesk Online help video at the link here!


  1. Youtube link is not showing up properly

    1. Thanks, Adam. Miscue on the embedding! It should be fixed now!

  2. I have some very complicated parts. I'm running Inventor 2013 and the parts are placed on my drawings as rater images without me having the choice of whether I want them to be or not. The problem is that now I can't save copy as to an Autocad drawing. It comes into cad as a picture an not dimensionable. Do you know a way around this?

    Thanks for any insight

    1. Ed,

      Make sure you've made your views precise (see:

      I also do recall that there was an issue with Inventor 2013 where raster views wouldn't become precise. SP1 fixed this. I'd take a look there!

    2. Thank you sir,

      I think I'll just upgrade to 2014 since I'm getting a new machine.

      Thanks again!

    3. Glad I could help, Ed!

      2014 does work nicely with it!

      Facepalm for me though! The blog post I referenced was the one you were looking at already! I must not have had enough caffeine!

  3. Hello,
    How can I get rid of the green boundaries on the raster view. The part I have drawn can only be seen clearly in Raster view because of the fillets.

    1. The green boundaries can only be removed by making the ciew precise, unless there have been changes in more recent versions. But I don't believe this to be the case.

      One suggestion could be to make your view precise, but turn on tangent edges in the view. That might make your radii appear more clearly in tbe precises view.