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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Using Slice Graphics & Project Geometry in Autodesk Inventor

“The best thing since sliced bread”

The Autodesk Manufacturing Academy concluded, I've taken this weekend to recover and catch up on things put off for AMA.

So I created a simple tip this weekend, but one I think is important.

Using Slice Graphics, and Project Geometry. 

Slice Graphics is a great tool for cases where you need to create a feature inside a part, and you can't easily see inside the part's cavity. 

Slice Graphics will give a virtual slice that cuts away a portion of the part so the inside can be seen.  Bear in mind this slice is virtual, like a section view in the 3D model.  It doesn't actually cut anything away.

All that is needed is an active 2D sketch.  When the sketch is active, right click (or hit 'F7' if you like hot keys, and you can toggle slice graphics on.  Repeating these steps will also turn it off.

The right click menu that toggles slice graphics on or off.

Now with the sketch active, Project Edges and Project Cut Edges show their value.

Project Edges will take an edge that isn't on your sketch plane, and project it onto the sketch plane so it can be referenced.  This can come in real handy when you need those edges to reference.

Project Cut Edges will project all the edges that have been cut by Slice Graphics.  I think this is a great tool when working inside of a cavity, like just like the part pictured above.

These tools are found on the Sketch Tab, when a sketch is active.

The Project Geometry, and Project Cut Edges tools.  Found on the Sketch Tab

And of course, here's a quick video on how these tools work. 

One last thing, when you create a feature, try Right Clicking, and choosing "Create Feature" to create the Revolve, Extrude,etc.  It opens up the appropriate tool, without turning off Slice Graphics.  It makes picking things a little easier!


  1. Thank you for the tip. I didn't know Project Cut Edges existed and it saved me a lot of effort.