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Sunday, January 06, 2013

Copying Drawing Views from One Sheet to Another

“Drawing is putting a line (a)round an idea.”
Henri Matisse

I know I've had to do this a few times back in my design days, and I know that others out in the "DrafterVerse" have faced this also.

How to copy drawing views from one sheet to another in Autodesk Inventor drawings?

I remember having cases where I needed to create a drawing view on a separate sheet that was almost the same as one on a previous sheet.  Perhaps I needed to change some notes, or possibly remove or add annotations.

In each one of these cases, the last thing I wanted to do was recreate the view and annotations all over again.

But there are ways that views and sheets can be copied with very little difficulty.

So how can a view be copied from one drawing sheet to another?

  • I'll start out with a drawing that has the sheet I want to copy.  This happens to be a base plate for a wood routng jig. 

The sheet I need to copy

  • Next, I create a new sheet in this drawing set.  This is the destination for the copy.

The new sheet ready for a copy

  • Now that I have a destination sheet, I can switch to my source drawing.  I select the views I want to copy (use the "CTRL" key to select multiple views).  Right click and choose "Copy".

Copying the views from the source sheet. 

  • With the views copied to the clipboard, I can paste them to the destination sheet by selecting the sheet's icon in the browser, right clicking, and choosing "Paste".   

Pasting the view

  • The view will appear on the new sheet.  Now the annotations can be changed as needed!

The completed view.  Dimensions removed, and a detail added.
And here's a video to go along with the steps above!

In other Inventor Tales news!

I've finally decided to grab as a domain for this blog.   Don't worry, the old links with still work, but now there's a shorter link that can be used to get to Inventor Tales! 

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