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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Updating to a New Release of Autodesk Inventor - Refresh from Content Center

“You do not destroy an idea by killing people; you replace it with a better one.”
Edward Keating

This weekend's blog post, by nature, has to be a short one, and without video.  This weekend I'm between trips out of state, so I've been busily trying to get caught up, and prepare to leave town again.

Much off this consists of unpacking into the washing machine and directly packing it again! 

But in the spirit of "unpacking and cleaning up", here's a little tip that can help in making the Content Center fasteners in Autodesk Inventor's Assemblies are "cleaned up" as they are moved to 2014

I'm going to start with a Craftsman Style coffee table that I've had in my archives for several years now.

This table uses No 8 x 1.0 inch wood screw that I placed from content center.

But now, these files are old, created from a 2013 library, and not a 2014 library.  So what's one way to make sure that those files are made current.

1) If Autodesk Vault is being used, make sure to check out all the files from Vault.

2) One the Manage Tab, choose the "Refresh Standard Content" Icon.

3) Inventor will display which content is in need of refreshing.  If several different components are being used from Content Center, then multiple components can be selected (or not) in this dialog box.

4) Click the Refresh icon to update the content from the Content Center Libraries.

5) Now all that's left to do is save the assembly, and, if Vault is being used, check the file in.

For some more info on updating the libraries, including migrating custom content libaries from an earlier release of Autodesk Inventor, check out the link on Autodesk Support here!


  1. Hi Jonathan, my coworker shot me over this email. I have used Task Scheduler to migrate component files created in 2011 to make them usable in 2013. Is this post about doing the same thing but for Content Center files?

    1. Kyle, you may have long since solved this. But you're right, this is basically updating your content center files to the next release.